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About us

The power of cooperation

Fusioncolors combines its many years experience in purchase and sale to international retailers with experience in the field of high-quality logistical service and international entrepreneurship.

Fusioncolors carries out most of its activities in Bleiswijk, where it has its own premises in the Flora Holland complex for developing and processing its products. Since most of our suppliers can be found in the immediate vicinity of Fusioncolors, it is able to respond promptly to questions from the market, both regarding day trading and large-scale actions.

Fusioncolors works with a limited number of carefully selected suppliers with which it has a permanent relationship. This enables Fusioncolors to sustain high quality and to offer a favourably priced range of products all year through.


The products that Fusioncolors offers are characterised by innovation, quality, a contemporary appeal and an excellent price/quality ratio

A complete overview of the products developed by Fusioncolors can be viewed on our website after applying for a personal account. Several typical examples can be viewed on the website.


Fusioncolors constantly aims for the best price/quality ratio.

Quality is an ongoing process, which requires always making the right choices, both with regard to plants and with regard to hardware and work processes.

For this reason, our cooperation with our partners ensures we meet the various quality standards

- ISO 9001-2008

- NEN 4400-1